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Property Search

We take the time to understand your requirements. You may know exactly what you want. If you do we will get right to finding it for you.

But we can also help you narrow your requirements before visiting properties..

For example, if you are looking for waterfront, we can guide you through all the different kinds of waterfront: do you plan on having a boat? do you need quiet and relaxation? do you care about exposure? how do you feel about privacy?

If you are looking for investment or income property we will acquire the information from the seller to provide you with accurate projections of cash flow, and rate of return estimates.

Property Acquisition

This is the negotiation, and execution process. Activities you can expect during this phase:

We research the background of the property and the current owner to give you a sense of the motivation of the seller, how and when they aquired the property, and how much they paid. We will show you comparable properties that have sold recently, and do further analysis if required to help you determine an offer price.

We help you craft any other terms of your offer.

After we get agreemrent in the form of a firm contract, we take care of execution. This includes a long checklist, including inspections, surveys, title insurance, hazard insurance, and selcting a closing agent or attorney. We will walk you through all the steps leading up to closing, and take care of many details on your behalf.

Property Management

We serve a select group of rental property owners.

We also own rental properties and understand the value of prompt, reliable services. You deserve it --and we provide it.

Our experience and attention to detail will make a significant difference in the condition and yield of your property.

If you take pride in your property and need a special touch for your long-term rental or second home, then please ask us about this service.

We also provide a check up service for second home owners who are out of town or away for a time.

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