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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Don't you take listings?
A – No, real estate agents who take listings work for the seller to achieve the highest price for their client. We work for you, the buyer, to acquire the right property at the best price and at terms to suit you.

Q - Are you in competition with agents who take listings?
A – No, we work with real estate listings agents to find the best property for you.  Some of them give us advance warning of properties.  They would rather sell to buyers represented by a good search agent, because they know that their buyer is well qualified and motivated to complete the deal.

Q - Don’t real estate listings brokers do this as well?
A – Yes, some have their own in-house buying departments but there the similarity ends, as they invariably have conflicts of interest within their firms. Idle talk around the water cooler can severely impair your negotiating postion. We work for the buyer, act solely in their best interests, which is locating and securing the best properties on terms advantageous to your wants and needs.

Q - Where do you operate?
A - We currently operate along the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast, primarily in Fort Walton Beach and Destin, but also as far west as Navarre and as far east as South Walton County.

Q - How many clients do you act for at any one time?
A - The very nature of what we do and the clients we represent means that we act for a limited number at any one time, providing a highly personalized service.

Q - Who are your clients?
A – We are proud to represent all sorts of people, looking for all sorts of property.  First-time buyers, families, military personnel, holiday homeowners, investors, downsizers, entrepreneurs. A lot of our clients are looking for a second home on the water.

Q - Do you find rental property?
A – Yes, we find investment properties for landlords. We do cashflow analysis and help with the "Due Diligence" of buying an investment. We have a limited service for tenants; we will give you a list of properties currntly for rent with contact numbers of those properties and let you know if any of our properties are vacant..

Q - Do you only act for rich people at the top of the market?
A – No, we invite all buyers to check us out. Many clients looking at higher end properties already know important proctecting your negotiating postion is and they know to look for conflicting interests while acquiring new real estate and you should too! We can help you no matter what your price range.

Q - Isn’t your service just a luxury?
A – No, it is an absolute necessity.  When you are most probably making the most important decision of your life, you must get it right. We will arm you with the best information available about both the property and the motivation of the current owners so that you can make an informed offer.

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