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Kabe and LynKabe and Lyn Woods

With over 35 years of real estate investment experience, we know that the skills needed to market a property are not the same skills needed to help a buyer through the acquistion process. And since most buyers do not purchase more than two or three properties in their lifetime, it makes sense to work with someone who has successfully negotiated through the process many times. Someone who knows the market and its cycles. Someone like us!

Kabe brings a wealth of knowledge in leading complex negotiations, contract development, and investment analysis. His focus is on investment properties and on our Property Management service.

Lyn has more than 30 years of investing, contract development and negotiating experience to serve our clients. She focuses on luxury waterfront, second home buyers and military families.

Kabe and Lyn have legal, accounting, cashflow analysis, and other specialized resources on retainer and are always available to ensure complex transactions are executed to the total satisfaction of our clients.

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